If You Are a Complete Novice to Console Gaming, Should You Get the Nintendo Wii Fit?

It seems that lots of folk today who are novices to the world of console gaming are questioning whether or not the Nintendo Wii Fit is for them. Of course they’ve heard of the Wii Fit, who hasn’t, novice or not, but some are thinking, is it for me or not? Well, is it?

Possibly what a lot of folk have in their mind is that of sitting in front of their tellies just finger pushing or they believe that because they’ve never been into any console gaming of any kind whatsoever previously then they are going to be out of their depth. If you’ve got a Wii Fit you will, of course know that this is certainly not the case.

Some of the pensioners who were asked in a survey replied with one of two answers when asked if they would buy a Wii Fit or not. They either said that they didn’t know anything about it or they replied by stating how old they were, inferring that because of their age the Wii Fit is not for them.

Listen up you newbie’s. The Nintendo Wii Fit is for everyone! Pensioners, your fellow pensioners are already using it with great success and even pensioners in old age homes are using it particularly for eye and hand coordination.

The Wii Fit is not a finger pushing console, on the contrary you will be up and actually participating in the exercises, but at a pace that suits you. The Wii Fit will tell you how you are doing after measuring your Body Mass Index, BMI, but you will never be pushed beyond your limits.

Is it for you? The fact still remains that folk from every walk of life are using the Wii Fit – young, old, unfit, fit, rich, famous, royalty – they’re all at it. Surely you fit into one of those categories.

John Milligan.


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